Quality Management

The planning, installation, training and maintenance of future-oriented medical technology is in the focus of Menges Medizintechnik.

Service and product quality come first.
Our company has a reputation for providing excellent services and high-quality, safe products. To maintain this reputation, we adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

These of course include all currently applicable laws and regulations as well as internal quality assurance procedures that always ensure safe handling of our medical products.

We also hold our suppliers accountable so as to ensure the highest quality of the provided products and services.


Professional conduct has always been a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

It is essential for our long-term success that we maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do, always and everywhere.

Our code of conduct serves as an essential guideline when dealing with customers, business partners and each other. The code is based on ICARE, our common values, which guide all our decisions and actions.

Herba Group code of conduct | 35 pages | 4,7 MB

In situations in which partners do not want to report difficulties or problems to their usual contact at Herba Group, they have the option of contacting the external Compliance Helpline/Ombudsman’s Office.

Compliance Helpline/Ombudsman | 2 pages | 1,0 MB



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