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The OPT/GAMMA patient Transfer Unit is a particular system allowing the entry/exit of patients to/from the operating theatres, thus avoiding the non necessary entry of person or other bodies into the disinfected area.

The system is applied in a wall dividing non-clean and disinfected zones, in an area of 2.3x2.6 mts. and it is controlled by two 12 V manual push button panels, one located in the non-clean area and the other one in the disinfected area.

The system consists of a platform with a rotating carpet and is structure is completely covered with stainless steel. It is equipped with a 220 V electrical system in compliance with I.E.C. Standards.


  • platform height adjustment;
  • opening and closing of the dividing window;
  • carpet rotation;
  • bilateral translation of the platform;
  • carpet rotation and simultaneous lateral translation of the platform for patient loading and unloading.

Patient transfer operations require minimun of personnel and exclude the need for manual moving of the patient onto the sliding platform. Operations required to transfer the patient can be summarized in the following:

In the non-clean area:

  • patient on the stretcher is positioned near the transfer platform (Photo 1)
  • transfer platform height is adjsted to the stetcher' one (automatically, by push button) (Photo 2)
  • patient is moved on the transfer platform (automatically, by push button) (Photo 3)
  • the dividing window is opened (automatically, by push button) patient moves on the platform, to the disinfected area (automatically, by push button) (Photo 4)
  • the dividig windows is closed (automatically, by push button)

 In the disinfected area

  • the operating table top is positioned near the transfer platform;
  • transfer platform height is adjusted to the operating top's one (automatically, by push button);
  • patient is moved onto the operating table top.

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