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Rio Tracer

  • Barium Filled Radiopaque Tip
    Enhances Fluoroscopic Visualization

  • Hydrophilic Floppy Tip 
    Facilitates passages beyond obstructions and negociates tortuous anatomy

  • Stiff Nitinol Core
    Offers a kink resistant shaft for enhanced control

  • PTFE Coating 
    Offers a wire surface to facilitate advancement

  • Blue and Yellow stripped pattern
    Designed to provide clear endoscopic visualization of wire movement

RocaWire Nitinol & PTFE coated Wire Guide

Nitinol GuideWire
  • with Polyurethane and Hydrophilic coating
  • highly radiopaque

PTFE Coated
  • PTFE Coated Steel GuideWire
  • highly radiopaque

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